Medical PCB assembly: Why choose EASHUB?

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Assembly of PCBs for Medical Devices PCBs are widely used in the medical sector. The medical devices that contain them include ventilators, CT scans, heart monitoring equipment, imaging equipment, pacemakers, muscle simulating equipment, etc. Many manufacturers have a lot of experience producing and putting together boards for the medical industry. So, considering this, let’s discuss why you should choose Eashub for medical PCB Assembly. Since they directly affect human health, Medical PCB assembly‘s dependability and safety are of the utmost significance. It is one of the most crucial applications that need the highest PCB performance.

Why choose Eashub? 

With a trustworthy and dependable PCB assembly firm like Eashub, you may anticipate lower prices, quicker turnaround times, higher-quality goods, better customer service, more design flexibility, and more innovation. Not only that, Eashub offers small and medium-sized businesses, laboratories, research institutes, and design firms in the industrial, automotive, medical, and aviation industries one-stop customized supply chain services. 

In order to offer the best services, from material sourcing and PCBA fabrication to box build assembly, we have strategic relationships with component vendors, mechanical shops, and internationally renowned EMS facilities. With a top-notch staff of engineering and manufacturing resources, Eashub can evaluate customer designs, streamline the manufacturing process, and complete production while staying under budget and to the highest standards. From quick-turn prototypes and small batch trial production to large manufacturing, we support our customers. 

No matter what kind of medical gadget a PCB uses, it must be created, manufactured, and put together correctly. The crucial factors and characteristics that make Eashub a perfect fit for medical PCB assembly are as follows: 

  1. High consistency: 

One of the essential features to check in the medical PCB Assembly is high consistency. A dependable signal or output that adheres to the same standard is the main prerequisite for medical PCB assembly

  • Safety: 

Some medical gadgets are utilized as wearable or implanted small circuits on the human body. A fundamental necessity of medical PCB design is to safeguard the patient from any risks caused by high temperatures or vibrations. 

  • Convenience: 

A significant consideration in a medical PCB assembly is usability. The product’s ease of use and durability have a big impact and need to be taken into account. 

  • Cleanliness: 

Inorganic salts, acids, and other residues are frequently left on the circuit boards when medical PCBs are manufactured and soldered. These can cause PCB components to corrode, which over time, can cause electrical equipment to deteriorate and eventually fail. So, to address this issue, contaminant removal is necessary to ensure the PCBs are extremely clean. By doing so, the reliability of the medical PCB assembly and the medical equipment can be increased. 

  • Lifespan: 

An effective onboard battery or power design is required to ensure that the medical equipment lasts longer. The lifespan of the gadget can be extended by identifying the common sources of failure and creating a sturdy product. Medical products need rigorous process documentation and product traceability. Plus, for some big medical terminals, medical PCB assembly processing records need to be hard to trace for a minimum of ten years. 


One of the essential parts of implantable medical devices is medical PCB. Due to the accuracy of implants, the production and assembly of such PCBs should adhere to the strictest guidelines. In medical PCB Assembly, Eashub ensures guaranteed safety and convenience with a great lifespan. The quality and safety standards for medical items are very strict, so it is best to use an experienced contract manufacturer like Eashub when choosing a supplier. 

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