Industrial Waterproof Connectors for Outdoor Power Supply

Plastic Waterproof Connectors

Driven by the rise in outdoor activities such as outdoor tourism and live streaming, outdoor energy storage has become a hot trend in the market. The reliability and quality of the dedicated connectors for energy storage systems are crucial factors in evaluating the performance of outdoor energy storage devices, considering their ability to withstand long-term exposure to water, dust, UV radiation, high temperatures, and other environmental factors. 

Shine Industry’s LP series M12 industrial waterproof connectors have been awarded several high-value utility model patents, including patents for “integrated insulation housing,” “waterproof structure,” “convenient installation connectors,” and “multi-protection structure connectors.” These patents demonstrate Shine Industry’s forward-looking advantage and innovative strength in connector development. 

With features such as high protection, UV resistance, flame retardancy, convenient operation, and fast charging, this connector series is becoming the preferred choice for many outdoor energy storage manufacturers for long-term and deep cooperation.

Shine Industry’s LP series of power waterproof connectors not only meets the functional requirements of outdoor energy storage devices for waterproofing, dust-proofing, high/low-temperature resistance, UV resistance, and fast charging but also provides a user-friendly experience. The LP series connectors are specifically designed to be highly compatible with outdoor energy storage systems, and their advantages are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

High protection level for better suitability in outdoor scenarios

Shine Industry’s LP series industrial waterproof connectors are designed according to industrial-grade waterproofing requirements and have obtained utility model patents for their “waterproof structure.” This not only provides patent protection for the product but also ensures its competitive advantage in terms of waterproof performance.

The connectors are designed with high-sealing performance silicone rubber sealing rings at the socket-to-box, plug-to-socket, and plug-to-cable connections to ensure high protection performance. Currently, the LP series connectors have a standard protection rating of IP65/IP67, with the highest rating reaching IP68. This ensures that outdoor energy storage systems can be used outdoors without worrying about the intrusion of liquids or solid particles, preventing moisture, oxidation, or short circuits in the connectors.

Fast charging with enhanced safety

The contact components of Shine Industry’s LP series industrial connectors, which are crucial for conducting electricity, are made of high-quality, high-performance copper alloys with a nickel-gold plating process. This ensures excellent conductivity and minimal temperature rise, with a temperature rise value not exceeding 30K. These features guarantee the long-term safety and reliability of the connectors during fast charging, eliminating potential charging safety hazards.

Durable for long-term outdoor use without compromise

The main body of the LP series industrial connectors is made of high-performance outdoor engineering plastic material formed through automated injection molding processes, providing high mechanical strength. The product has obtained a utility model patent for its “integrated insulation housing,” which not only provides strong shell protection but also combines high-performance insulation materials for insulation protection, ensuring safety and preventing electrical leakage. 

The LP series connectors have passed f1 certification for UV resistance and exhibit excellent performance in high and low-temperature environments, ranging from -25°C to +85°C (plastic version) or -40°C to +85°C (metal version). These connectors offer higher safety standards with a flame retardancy rating of UL94V-0. These advantages ensure that the LP series industrial connectors are durable and reliable for outdoor energy storage applications.

Single-handed plug-and-play for efficient frequent disconnections

Shine Industry’s LP series industrial connectors have been awarded design patents for their “convenient installation connectors” and utility model patents, giving them significant product advantages and national patent protection. This is reflected in the product structure, which features a push-lock connection design that allows for single-handed operation and quick plug-and-play.

 Outdoor energy storage systems are often used in emergency charging scenarios such as tourism, involving frequent movement and changing charging locations. Therefore, the ability to operate the connectors quickly and efficiently becomes crucial. The LP series connectors excel in this regard, offering swift operation, enhancing the user experience, and providing user-friendly functionality.

Red Dot Award-winning BD Series: A New Choice for Reliable Outdoor Energy Storage Connections

In addition to the classic LP series industrial connectors, Shine Industry’s BD series, which has been honored with the prestigious Red Dot Award, is also highly suitable for outdoor energy storage applications. Both connector series offer a wide range of connector types, single-handed operation, and high environmental adaptability and are available in metal and plastic versions, allowing for interchangeability.


Shine Industry’s LP series M12 industrial waterproof connectors and the award-winning BD series provide excellent options for reliable and safe connections in outdoor energy storage applications. With their high protection levels, these connector series are instrumental in ensuring outdoor energy storage systems’ quality, performance, and reliability.

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