What Are The Connection Methods For Industrial Circular Waterproof Connectors?

Industrial Circular Waterproof Connectors

Industrial circular waterproof connectors are crucial components in various applications, providing reliable and efficient electrical connections in challenging environments. When choosing these connectors, one of the key considerations is the connection type. The connection type significantly impacts the performance and user experience of the connectors in specific environments. In this blog post, we will explore the different connection types available for industrial circular waterproof connectors, highlighting their characteristics and applications.

Threaded Connection:

The threaded connection type involves twisting and screwing the connectors together. It offers excellent stability, simple manufacturing processes, and low production costs. However, threaded connections are relatively slow to assemble, lack an audible indication of proper engagement, and are not suitable for blind mating or frequent plugging and unplugging. This connection type is commonly used in underwater electrical connectors requiring reliable sealing and connectors with high stability. To address the slow assembly speed, some manufacturers have adopted multi-start threads, enabling faster engagement.

Bayonet Connection:

The bayonet connection consists of two or three curved slots and corresponding pins. The longer lead of the curved slots allows for quick and secure engagement. Bayonet connections provide a distinct audible indication of proper engagement, making them the most prevalent and widely used connection type in domestic and international electrical connectors. However, due to their more complex manufacturing processes, bayonet connectors can be relatively more expensive compared to threaded connectors under similar conditions.

Push-Pull Connection:

The push-pull connection type enables connections, disconnections, and locking functions through linear push-pull motions without rotational movement. This type offers the fastest connection speed among the four types, making it particularly suitable for quick plugging and unplugging scenarios, limited space applications, and low disengagement forces.

Snap-Lock Connection:

The snap-lock connection type employs multiple irregularly shaped protrusions and corresponding recesses. It offers quick and easy connections by rotating the connector cap by 90°. Snap-lock connections provide a clear audible indication of proper engagement and are suitable for blind mating, high shock and vibration resistance, among other scenarios. However, this connection type tends to have a more complex structure, larger dimensions, and higher costs, resulting in relatively fewer available products.

Introducing the BD Series Industrial Waterproof Connectors:

The BD series industrial waterproof connectors, a flagship product by Shine Industry, boast a groundbreaking design. They feature an exclusive embedded socket latch mechanism invented by Shine Industry, which holds a national invention patent. The BD series connectors adopt the push-pull connection type, enabling effortless one-handed operation for rapid plugging and unplugging, making them highly efficient and ideal for frequent connection and disconnection scenarios.

Key Features of the BD Series Aviation Plugs:

National invention patent for the locking mechanism

High waterproof performance up to IP68 rating

Embedded socket latch mechanism

High-strength zinc alloy material providing resistance to 360° mechanical impact

Ergonomic design combining technology and aesthetics


The BD series aviation plugs have received recognition with the German Red Dot Design Award. With their outstanding features and performance, these connectors meet the high-reliability connection technology requirements in industrial and outdoor environments, even in harsh conditions. Whether it is their patented latch design, IP68 waterproof rating, or ergonomic aesthetics, the BD series connectors exemplify the cutting-edge advancements in industrial circular waterproof connectors.

By offering a comprehensive understanding of the various connection types available and highlighting the exceptional features of the BD series aviation plugs, this blog post aims to equip readers with valuable insights into industrial circular waterproof connectors and assist them in making informed decisions when selecting connectors for their specific applications.

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