Lithium CR1616  Vs. CR1632 Battery:What is the Difference

Lithium CR1616 Vs. CR1632 Battery:What is the Difference

CR1616 Description

Lithium CR1616 is a button /coin cell battery, featuring a 16 mm (0.63 inches) diameter and 1.6 mm height  (0.06 inches) – hence the ‘1616’ as a common part of most labels. Common CR1616 battery weighs in the 1.1 and 1.3 grams range. The CR1616 batteries can be used for laser pointers, insulin pumps, heart rate monitors, toys, watches, cameras, calculators, car security alarms, keyless car remotes, organizers, and computer equipment. They also work in extreme temperatures and hold power for up to eight years in storage.

CR1632 Description

The CR1632 battery provides a consistent voltage supply while remaining lightweight enough for travel and storage. These batteries were designed with performance in mind, providing you with the long-lasting power you need to keep all of your gadgets running. These batteries can be found in a variety of gadgets, including calculators, cameras, heart rate monitors, and even toys, and can operate in a wide range of temperatures. The CR1632 battery has a long shelf life and a large storage capacity, making it a reliable power source for your tiny electrical gadgets.

Is a CR1616 battery the same as an CR1632?

No 1632 battery is differ from 1620 it are similar alike it as the same volt and look the same. Depending on what you using the battery for it wouldn’t be no harm if you replace a Cr1632 with a Cr1620 you will just have less usage out of the Cr1620 than Cr1632 that all.

CR1616 VS CR1632: Features

CR1616 Features

The high energy density  (3V) with a flat and low self-discharge.

Design, safety, manufacturing, and qualification follow Procell’s stringent battery standards, which incorporate parts of the ANSI and IEC battery standards.

Economically packaged.

Child secure packaging: tamper-proof pack with a double blister so that it is impossible for a child  to open without scissors

Operating temperatures  from -20℃~+70℃

Good pulse capability

High discharge  characteristics

Stable voltage level  during discharge

Long-term reliability

CR1632 Features

Non-Rechargeable Lithium coin cell Battery

Nominal Voltage: 3V

Battery Capacity: 130mAh

Continuous drain current: 0.19mA

Peak drain current: 6.8mA

Weight: 1.8 grams

CR1616 VS CR1632: Nominal Voltage

According to the specifications, the two batteries have the same nominal voltage, which is 3V.

CR1616 VS CR1632: Height

A CR1616 battery is 1.6mm high, whereas a CR1632 battery is 3.2mm high. Remember, in respect of various works, the height of a battery also matters. It’s a crucial part of cell composition.

CR1616 VS CR1632: Applications

You may have heard of the use of CR1616 in Honda and Lexus key fobs. Aside from these, it can also be used in other car brands. The CR1616 is a reliable battery that can be used in a variety of electrical gadgets. These are as follows:


Heart rate monitors


Computer backup equipment

On the contrary, CR1632 batteries are ideal for different helpful stuff.

Small PDA devices

Wireless doorbell for house

Electronic Toys

Portable electronics

Digital thermometers

Digital altimeter


Heart rate monitors

CR1616 VS CR1632: Durability

You won’t see any expiration date of a 1616 battery. However, it has an average lifespan. Generally, this type of battery lasts for approximately 5-10 years.  

On the contrary, a battery CR1632 usually lasts for around 7 to 10 years.

CR1616 VS CR1632: Compatibility

A single battery has several variations, each with its own label. Anyway, here are some popular CR1616 comparable battery labels:









Now let us see the common labels for CR1632 equivalent batteries! Here they are:

DL1632, ECR1632

CR1616 VS CR1632: Interchangeability

Same diameters

CR1616: 16mm

CR1632: 16mm

Different thickness

CR1616: 1.6mm

CR1632:  3.2mm

Obviously, they are not the same size. CR1616 is 1.6mm in thickness while CR1632 is 3.2mm in thickness. And the thickness of TWO pieces of CR1616 equals ONE CR1632. Can I use 2 pieces of CR1616 to replace ONE CR1632? No. The two batteries are added together to form a series. Consequently, the current-voltage is 3+3=6V. 6V is bigger than 3V. If forcibly used, electronic products will be destroyed.


What size are C batteries?

A C battery measures 50 millimetres (1.97 in) length and 26.2 millimetres (1.03 in) diameter. The voltage and capacity of a C-size battery depends on the battery chemistry and discharge conditions. The nominal voltage is 1.5V.

Can you use C batteries in place of D?

If you’ve only got C batteries for your D-battery device, you can sometimes make up the difference with a few quarters. It’s not a great permanent solution, but it will do in a pinch. For each battery to be adapted, you’ll usually only need 3 or 4 quarters (or less than $1!).

How Often Should A Cr1616 Battery Be Replaced?

This is a difficult question to answer, as it depends on a number of factors, including how often you use your device, how old the battery is, and what type of device you have. However, as a general rule of thumb, it is generally recommended that you replace your cr1616 battery every two to three years.

What Is The Cr1616 Battery Equivalent To 2016?

The cr1616 battery is the equivalent to 2016 in terms of its size, voltage, and capacity. This battery is typically used in small electronic devices, such as watches, calculators, and keyless entry systems.

What Is The Cr1616 Battery Equivalent Duracell?

This is a common question we get at Battery Junction. The CR1616 is a 3 volt lithium coin battery that is commonly used in watches, calculators, and some small electronic devices. The CR1616 is also known as a DL1616 or ECR1616. The CR1616 battery is not interchangeable with any other 3 volt lithium coin batteries. The only lithium coin battery that is interchangeable with the CR1616 is the CR2016.

The CR1616 is a 3 volt lithium coin battery. The CR1616 is also known as a DL1616 or ECR1616. The CR1616 battery is not interchangeable with any other 3 volt lithium coin batteries. The only lithium coin battery that is interchangeable with the CR1616 is the CR2016.

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